Group photo of the staff and students of the JAI taken at the annual JAI Fest held at RHUL in 2019

Accelerator Science is a key element for discoveries in high energy physics, and is a crucial source for many advances in biology, medicine, solid state physics, future energy production, and various other fields.

Maintaining the pursuit of fundamental discoveries and technological advancements requires, however, unprecedented concentration, cooperation of international efforts, and much more efficient coordination of accelerator science research.

The John Adams Institute endorses the ever increased importance of collaborations. These collaborations can enhance, nonlinearly, our and our collaboration partners' abilities to fulfill our mission and also enhance our role and impact on society, industry, accelerator science education, fundamental science, and our host universities and sister laboratories.

The team at the John Adams Institute is collaborating with many laboratories, universities, and organizations worldwide, is open for new collaboration opportunities, and is proactive in the further enhancement of our collaborations―all to realize the full potential of Accelerator Science.